The View Tower

The highlight of the treetop walk is the 47 m high view tower. Once you reach the view platform at the top, you will be rewarded with a unique 360° view of the landscape of the Naturpark Saar-Hunsrück: into the Saarschleife valley, and if the visibility is clear, even as far as the Vosges.

The tower was designed in a semicircle shape to mirror the Saarschleife. The semicircle form was also chosen as an effective way to minimize impact on the quartzite biotope.

The wooden construction consists of nine laminated beams arranged in a semicircle. On both sides of each beam, a 2.5 m wide ramp leads up to the tower. The ramp has a maximum gradient of 6 %, making it easily accessible for wheelchair users, prams and the handicapped. Every 24 m along the inside and every 36 m along the outside ramp, horizontal streches invite visitors to stop and take a break. The 70 m2 view platform at the top of the tower is large enough for you to take your time and linger even on busy days.

Architect: Josef Stöger, 94513 Schönberg,

The View Tower

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