The Saarland – Greatness in Simplicity

Of course, nature is everywhere. The Saarland, however, is special due to its strong natural diversity within a small region. Idyllic river landscapes on the Saar, Mosel and Blies, mellow hilly landscapes with vinyards, and sprawling hilly forests dotted with meadows: No matter where you are in the Saarland, it isn’t far to the nearest greenery. The excellent cycling paths and hiking trails impress nature lovers from everywhere.

The Saarland also has a lot to offer in the cultural realm: from the internationally acclaimed Max Ophuäls Preis film festival, to a thriving theatre and music scene to the Völklinger Hütte UNESCO world heritage site.

You can see, hear, smell and taste it: The Saarland has something French about it. There are bilingual street signs, market stalls from the neighbouring country, and menus which nearly just as often sport Pâté as they do the traditional Dibbelabbes dish.

There is hardly another region where there are so many culinary artists and gourmet diners. Several star cooks have put the Saarland on the conoisseur’s map. Not least, it is the conviviality and hospitality of the people that makes the Saarland, neighbour of Luxemburg and France, so special. Short distances invite visitors to explore and discover.

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You are travelling as a group and would like to visit other attractions in the Saarland? Tourismus Zentrale Saarland will be happy to give you good advice and arrange accomodation, ship tours, or a pleasant evening at a restaurant. You can find an overview of interesting destinations for groups as well as the contact information for Tourismus Zentrale Saarland at this link (german language):

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