The Treetop Walk

Discover and experience the treetop walk!

The 1,250 m treetop walk and its spectacular view tower overlooking the Saarschleife (the Saar Loop) natural wonder have been open to the public since the 23rd of July 2016. Come and experience the unique landscape and landmark of the Saarland from a new perspective!

Go for a walk at a height of up to 23 m above the forest floor and take in the pristine natural scenery. With a length of 1,250 m, the wheelchair friendly treetop walk winds its way through beeches, oaks and douglas firs towards the Saarschleife (Saar Loop). Learning stations inform visitors about the flora and fauna of the surroundings; activity stations along the walkway challenge the more adventurous.

Passing by meadows, the walkway leads up to the impressive treetops before branching off into the unique view tower. At the top, an unforgettable experience awaits you – the spectacular view over the landmark of the Saarland, the Saar Loop/Saarschleife. 

The wheelchair friendly and family friendly destination is open to visitors year-round, in spring, summer, fall and winter.


Wheelchair friendly and family friendly

The treetop walk and the view tower have a maximum gradient of 6 %, and thus permit easy use of prams and wheelchairs.  Activity stations and fun features along the treetop walk ensure a great time for kids and adults alike.


Dogs and other animals

Dogs (and any other animals) are not permitted on the treetop walk. 


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